Multilingual word list

Necessary material

Texts, videos, objects, images, internet

Objective of the activity

The objective of this activity is to create a collaborative multilingual lexical notebook, in which students can insert the words and phrases they learn in class or that they encounter in texts, videos or conversations with their multilingual peers. .


For each term, students can also add a definition, an example sentence in which the word is used in context, synonyms, etc.

The lexical notebook must be used continuously.

Preparing for the activity

An internet document/spreadsheet (excel) to share.

Contributions of the activity

This activity encourages language awareness and learning as students engage in intercomprehension activities, making learning more relevant to them.


The teacher explains the activity to the students and presents them with the document to share. The lexical notebook is based on the vocabulary and expressions of the languages used in the class.

Students complete the document independently and regularly check to see if they can complete another student’s box in their language(s).

The teacher will check regularly.