Multilingual silhouette

Necessary material

A copy of the “multilingual silhouette” worksheet and colored pencils.

Objective of the activity

The purpose of this activity is to make children aware of the languages they understand and/or speak. Languages may vary in frequency or quality of use, but any language, regardless of its “status”, is valuable.

Preparing for the activity

Each child writes down the languages he or she thinks he or she understands and/or speaks.

Significant profit from the activity

Identify the different languages and the fields they are associated with. When students become aware of different languages (including dialects and variants), they will become aware of their own multilingualism.


Each child receives a “multilingual silhouette” sheet to download below:

Language figure EN

Children identify and classify “their” languages based on their emotional meaning and/or primary use for a body part and choose a particular color (perhaps associated with a national flag).
Each child presents his or her linguistic figure.


Picture: Student teacher, PH NÖ