Collective Identity – ODIMET Mascot – Part 2


This activity is the logical continuation of the activity around the class mascot and the work around the symbols of his country.

The one will approach the notion of collective identity and is realized in two parts.

Here is the second part of this activity.

Objectives of the activity

For this activity, we suggest you think about collective identity and the idea of a mascot.

The main objectives of this activity:

  • Understand what a collective identity and a mascot are
  • Give clues to discover your country
  • Imagine a common mascot for the project

What does the activity consist of? How to achieve it?

Course of the activity : 1h00
Digital activity to be done in class: 15 min

Following the Padlet that you completed to present the symbols of the country in which you live, discover a digital summary activity that includes the French, Belgian and Austrian symbols shared with every classes.

It’s up to you to play with your students and discover what you have in common.

Activity to be discovered soon!

Complete your symbolic silhouette: 45 min

After thinking about the symbols that represent your country, complete the silhouette with drawings or collages that include all of these symbols.


Also color the background of this page with your flag colors.

After sharing this silhouette on the swap group and discovering those of other classes, print out all of the silhouettes and then cut them into three parts: head, torso and legs. Arrange these different paper cuts on a table and have fun combining them to create mixed-media silhouettes, which include the symbols of the three participating countries. You can test all possible combinations!

You will then have a silhouette with a French head, an Austrian bust and Belgian legs, and you will have created a common mascot to embody the ODIMET project.

Then, share these new versions of mascots on the group.

In what form should student work be shared?

Share the different silhouettes on the exchange group dedicated to this activity entitled “Activity 3: collective identity, ODIMET mascot” on the ODIMET website:

How long can you perform the activity?

We give you 1 month to complete this last activity, during the month of February.

It is desirable that you have posted your productions at the latest the week of February 27, 2023.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail: (referent in France) (referent in Austria)

See you soon !