What you will do with Clap!

Clap! is a tool that simplifies and breaks down audiovisual writing into 5 steps, which are described in detail later in this guide.

This tool therefore allows you to prepare for the shoot, and distribute the roles to your students for each shot you plan to shoot.

  • Identify a theme in your video
  • Choose a scenario
  • Define the sequences
  • Create a storyboard
  • Use a shooting plan

In addition, Clap! offers examples, which make it possible not to start from a blank sheet. Of course, you are free to create projects that have nothing to do with these examples!
In its current version, Clap allows you to download a simplified pdf file, which is a storyboard with filming plan elements.

Why use Clap!? Isn’t it enough to start filming and then edit?

Clap! can save you from filming 4 hours to end up with a 3-minute edited film.

Clap! can help you get your students to work together remotely on the same film project.

Clap! allows you to find in one place ideas for films developed by other educators, and allows you to share yours!

Clap! could (in the near future) allow you to engage with filming and automated editing from your phone, thanks to integration with a specialized app.