5 tips for using your smartphone

These 5 tips are first and foremost thought out when you use a smartphone as a camera.

It’s up to you to adapt them, whether you use a camera or a camcorder.

Switch to airplane mode

This will prevent you from being disturbed during your intake.

Film horizontally

Our screens are horizontal; it would be a shame not to use their entire length.

Stabilize your image

Hold the camera with both hands, elbows resting on your ribs: you will gain stability without tiring yourself. For moving videos, you can move slowly: knees bent for better suspension.

Do not zoom

Do not zoom with the smartphone: the digital zooms of smartphones quickly add noise, parasitic pixels to the image. We prefer to bring the smartphone closer to the subject.

Let run 5 more seconds

Cut the recording of your scenes 2sec after the end of these: you will have more margin during the editing to make your transitions.