From script to storyboard

I understood that you had to write a script to tell a story on video, with a beginning, a middle and an end. What to do next ?

To visualize the shots and the order of shots in your movie, you can use a storyboard .

It is a pictorial description of the shots you want to shoot, in the final order of the film. The final order of the film is not necessarily the order in which you will film! Making a storyboard also allows you to realize the feasibility of certain scenes.

It is quite possible to do it on paper … you can also use Clap , the tool that we have developed, and which allows you to generate a storyboard automatically.
You can download this storyboard template:

Modèle de storyboard simple


Modèle de storyboard simple – éditable

An example of a storyboard in action

Here is an example of the storyboard inserted in the report we made at the Cité des Sciences. You will learn more about this report in the tutorial How to edit your film!

We can see that for the “workshop exhibition plans”, the boxes are empty: we did not know the workshops in the city of children and therefore could not predict precisely how we were going to film them.

In this case we provide for the place of this type of shot in the storyboard, and during the filming we give free rein to our imagination on how to film this shot!

I understood the importance of a good storyboard. Concretely, how to write one?

We have listed 4 tips for writing an effective storyboard , this is the subject of the next lesson.