Smartphone, camera, camera

A little reminder to sweep away any hesitation related to the quality of your future report: smartphones make very beautiful images! These have similar settings to cameras. You can :

Take stock

Focusing or adjusting the focus means choosing which area of the scene is going to be captured in a sharp (non-blurry) fashion.

You just need to tap on the desired area in most models:

Adjust scene brightness

You often have to use the settings button, image properties, then brightness. The name of the buttons and the organization of the menus may change depending on the model.

So what is the difference between smartphones, cameras and camcorder?

Smartphones have smaller lenses and smaller sensors: they pick up less light, and therefore find it difficult to film / photograph in the dark. They also capture less information needed for photo / video editing. The solution is therefore to film in a well-lit setting.

They also have less background blur. Cameras and camcorders have more settings to manage particular lighting, such as backlighting; with a smartphone, you just need to avoid these situations thanks to the section that we will see later: 5 tips for using your camera !

In addition, cameras often focus faster, and have more advanced technology around optical stabilization.

Each year, smartphones are better: their sensors grow, and their optical stabilizer is improved.