Motivating roles and accessories

The filming phase is very fun for the pupils: they can manipulate new objects and use a specific vocabulary to “behave like on TV or in the cinema”.

The roles

Here is how the different roles are distributed on a film set. You can use them to give roles or responsibilities to your students.

  • The scripts check that everyone is in place: they have a sheet on which are noted the places of the actors and their text
  • The director asks for silence on the set: in normal times he monitors the acting of the actors
  • The assistant director says ” engine “: he asks the sound recordists and the cameraman to record
  • The sound recordists start the recording and answer ” it’s running
  • The cameraman starts recording and replies ” it’s spinning
  • The clapper announces the number of the catch and clap in front of the camera: ” presentation of our eco-park, 2nd “. clap
  • The director says “action”: the actors start to play
  • Reporters / actors talk and perform in front of the camera
  • Interviewees answer reporters’ questions
  • Extras can do a background activity related to the topic

And you, how do you adapt the roles in your classroom?

The accessories

You can make a clapperboard and / or replace the real mic hand with a fake paper mic to keep students in the game. This fake microphone can also be used as a talking stick!